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English for kids

Free playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

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When it comes to learning, it’s always beneficial to have more than one approach or technique to make sure that children are getting the best of their education. That’s why worksheets and printable activities are important: they reinforce all the knowledge that children are getting through other types of learning activities. In this section, you’ll find an assortment of English worksheets for kids you can use with your little ones to help them learn in a fun, natural way.

English Worksheets for Kids

Printable activities for kids represent a new challenge for them to overcome, whether it’s by coloring images or by tracing new words, this sort of exercises tend to be a fantastic way to improve different skills that will turn to be very helpful for children cognitive development. These skills are going to prove valuable during early childhood, as children learn to study and to understand how information is going to be taught at school, or how their syllabus work, and they will set the foundation for more advanced studies during college and university.

But, what kind of activities should be included in a printable? Let’s consider that the main goal of this type of resources is to complement education and supplement what has been learned, so the content in them must be thoroughly selected according to the specific use it will have. When talking about worksheets to complement a lesson in English for children, it’s advisable for the material to be fun, easy to understand and entertaining. Some activities that could be included are word traceable, which help the little ones learn vocabulary, practice the one they’ve already acquired, and exercise their writing skills to make them better. It would also be an excellent idea to include coloring pages associated with the topic at hand. Let’s say that the topic is “face parts”, so, it would be helpful to include some images about face parts to color along with their names, this way children will have a chance to put their creativity to work while painting, and also they’ll start to make associations between the written words and the objects they represent.

As children get older and their education continues to advance, the difficulty of the worksheets should also increase. For children learning a English as a second language, using worksheets can be a great medium for practicing abstract concepts that are a bit more difficult to grasp, such as: the use of different articles in front of nouns, learning complex vocabulary, going over the grammar for a particular lesson, learning how to spell a word, and learning to associate the sounds of some words to the way they’re written.

There are multiple types of worksheets for kids that tackle all of these issues. Grammar worksheets are a great way for English students to strengthen their knowledge of English as a second language. With these worksheets, they can reinforce English verbs, nouns and pronouns, or they can even use more specific ones such as article worksheets to learn the different articles used with nouns in the English language.

But worksheets don’t need to be boring! As stated before, one of the best things about printable worksheets is that they make learning fun and easy. This characteristic is especially useful when talking about children’s education. For children, studying long hours is particularly exhausting, that’s why it’s necessary to provide them with lots of fun activities they can learn from. Worksheets make practicing entertaining, and it’s not a secret that one of the best ways of learning is through constant practice. So, worksheets can be much more than just filling blank spaces and putting the correct words in a sentence, they can teach through songs lyrics that children can read while singing along songs for children , or they can even include fun crossword puzzles to make practicing vocabulary an enjoyable task.

So, what’s the best way to implement this awesome learning resource with the little ones of the house? Any time that your little one is learning a new topic in English, make sure that, after they’re done going through the lesson, they have a printable related to that topic in order to practice. By immediately putting the acquired knowledge to use, you make sure your little gets a better understanding of the lesson. For example, if your little one is learning about prepositions, you can further practice this topic using worksheets in English about prepositions, so they can visualize the content in a better way.

Worksheets, besides being a great way to practice, are also a good activity to do with your little ones and spend some quality time together coloring, learning, and having fun. Here you’ll find several free printables that you can just download and print to use with your little ones to make learning a fun time.