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Action Words Printable Activities

When talking about fun activities, we need the help of action verbs. Help your little ones learn more about this topic with this fun printable!

What’s your little one’s favorite playtime activity? Is it jumping, running, or playing a sport? Whether it’s one or the other, leisure activities are very important for children’s overall development, besides being a great source of entertainment and a perfect way to spend quality time as a family. Usually, the little ones learn spoken expressions about fun activities very easily from a young age, and with these action verbs printable activities your little ones will be able to practice their knowledge about this topic naturally as they have fun!

First, make sure your little one knows what is an action word. Explain to your little ones that action verbs or words are those that talk about a physical or mental activity a person might perform, like running, smiling, or jumping. You can also ask them to mention what other activities can be considered as action verbs, maybe writing or eating! Since there are lots of different action verbs to learn, it’s essential to make learning them easier for children. There are lots of different resources that can be used for this particular task, such as games, songs, worksheets for kids, or even action verbs flashcards.

Even though learning about action words might be complicated sometimes, through printable activities this process can be way easier. By coloring and writing, children can reinforce the words they learn through memorization and frequent practice, which is especially useful for those kids whose learning process is more visual.

In this printable, your little ones will find several exercises to put their creativity to practice as they learn action words in English. First, there are seven lovely coloring drawings of characters doing seven different fun activities: Elliot the Panda is singing a song, Cowy the Cow is dancing of a dancefloor, Bobby the Dog is climbing a wall, Cowy is back, but this time she is swimming in a pool, Lisa the Cat is running on an athletics track, Billy the Chick is jumping on a trampoline, and Lisa is seen playing ball. After your little ones have painted these awesome scenes, make sure they practice their writing skills by tracing the words below the images. By doing this, they’ll start associating the written words to the activities they see on the drawings, and will also improve their English vocabulary.

After you’re done with these coloring sheets for kids, you can start singing a song! In the printable you will find next to a song called “Walking, Walking”, which is a great way to help the little ones practice some of the most common action verbs like walking, running, or jumping. You can watch the video as you read the lyrics, and then repeat them with your little one as you dance and mimic the movements of the characters in the song.

Now, let’s start having fun with these action words worksheet!

Action Words Worksheet

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