Learn through play.
Let’s playlearn!

When learning is fun, kids love to learn.

Advantages of learning through
play, playlearning™

The power of play

Playlearning™ helps your child discover their natural superpowers. These are the skills they'll develop:

What are the 4C's?


Little ones, let’s talk it out! Playlearning™ helps kids use their words.

In this game, we build sentences just like Billy builds robots ⚙️ the fun way! 

Get ready to learn new words, practice pronunciation, and create unique sentences.

Critical thinking

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Your tiny investigator will be asking the important questions in no time.

⬆️ Up, ⬇️ down, ⬅️ left, or ➡️ right? Elliot has trouble thinking logically when he’s hungry… So he needs help finding his snacks 🍪!

Can your child give him the right directions?


Picasso said “all children are artists” and we agree!

Let’s dive in to creativity and help our little ones think outside the box.

Elliot likes to dress to impress 👜. Let’s use our creativity to find him the best outfit!


The more the merrier! Since teamwork makes the dream work, let’s teach them this skill early on.

All hands on deck! ⛵ Our boat game is designed for your family to play together.

How well does your crew collaborate?

Educational Quotes

Ready, set, playlearn!