English for Kids. FREE playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

Free playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

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Games in English for kids allow them to learn while having fun! In this section you’ll be able to choose from several games to play as a family in your own home, helping your little ones improve their English vocabulary as well as their English grammar. All the different games and activities you’ll find here are carefully selected so your children can learn English effectively and, better yet, naturally.

Nowadays that English has become a global language, learning English is almost a necessity. It is frequently used as a work tool and study tool in most of the countries in the world since multicultural work teams and study arrangements have become more common. By speaking the language, students have a better chance to pursue higher education goals in universities from different countries, and to have better job options to choose from once their studies are finished.

In order for your little one to learn how to speak this language, it’s essential to start by learning basic English at home from a young age. This way, your little ones will have a better chance to grow up bilingual,  given that learning a second language during childhood is way easier, especially when it’s done in a natural way, just like their learn their native tongue.

There are different ways of teaching English to the little ones: singing songs, playing games, doing art projects; but what’s most important for their development is that this process is done in an entertaining and effective way. Considering this factor, one of the greatest methods to teach a new language to the little ones is by incorporating fun, simple games into their classes and daily activities.

But, what kind of games to learn English is the best? There are several types to choose from! We all know that grammar is important, however, it’s also relevant to slowly introduce new vocabulary naturally. Through vocabulary games, children can learn new words related to a specific topic every time they play or even re-learn words they already know but haven’t memorized yet. Spelling games are great to improve children grammar, they focus on learning how to write a word properly which makes easier to understand the language when reading, and to communicate more effectively when writing it. Also, children can polish their language skills by using phonics games, which are great to learn the sounds of words in foreign languages that might be difficult to master; memory games are great to both have fun and build word associations with the objects they represent, this can be done with flashcards with images and written words, or with flashcards of just words or just images. All these learning resources will help the little ones with the correct way to pronounce difficult words and to recognize several common items by their proper names in English.

Using these recommended games in English for kids, both you and your little ones will have lots of moments of fun together playing, making crafts and building art projects at home, with the plus advantage that in the process they’ll be able to learn English without even noticing it. Do you want to give it a try? Let’s play together!

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