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Activities to learn places in town

Children love to learn new words! Even more if these words help them get to better know their surroundings. Help your little ones learn the places in town through these fun games and activities

city map

1. Secret Hideout! This is a fun craft to make with the little ones, and also a great game to practice names of places in town. First, take a big piece of paper and draw a small map of a city with the different places in it, something similar to the one in the picture. Then, grab a blank sheet of paper, cut it into six pieces and ask your little one to draw and color a character on each one. It could be members of the family or animals, any character your little one likes! Then, shuffle the cards and place each card on top of a place of the map. Ask your little one to guess where each character is!


town game

2. Guessing places: Running errands usually are not the most fun activity in the world, but you can add some fun into it by playing a guessing game with your little one! Each time you have to run some errands, try playing guess with your children. You can ask them to guess where you’re going, as you give them clues about the place. For example, if you’re going to the supermarket, ask them “Where are we going?”, and give them clues such as “It’s a big place with lots of items.”, or if you’re going to the park, “It’s a place without a roof!” This way, the little ones will practice their vocabulary and the daily chores will be more fun!


matching game

3. Perfect Match! With this game, children can learn about places in town while they also practice vocabulary about jobs and professions. Grab two blank sheets of paper and cut each of them into six pieces of the same size. Help your little ones draw six places, such as school, hospital, art gallery, police station, fire station, and restaurant. Then, on the other six pieces of paper write the following jobs: teacher, doctor, artist, policeman/policewoman, firefighter. Shuffle the pieces of paper, and place them upside down on the table, as your little one to match the correct place in the city with the people that work there. Ask questions like “Where does the policewoman works?” or “What do you do at restaurants?” throughout the game to practice more words in English!

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