English for Kids. FREE playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

Free playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

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Through stories and tales, your children can learn English while improving their pronunciation and listening comprehension. All the audiobooks are accompanied by images and sound so your little one can read and listen to the English pronunciation of each sentence. Find out all the fun stories here in English for kids.


How to learn English through audiobooks?

Learning English through audiobooks during childhood is quite simple, but the benefits are many. First, the illustrations work as a visual aid, helping children associate the words with the story more easily.

Unlike books, stories in audiobooks are narrated by someone. By listening to audio in English, children get to experience the language first-hand. This is wonderful for their fluency since they have a native English speaker’s pronunciation as a guide.

In this sense, audiobooks help children improve their listening skills and help them focus on what’s being said. This is a great exercise for their overall concentration as well.

Following a story through an audiobook helps to build a richer vocabulary. Children pick up new nouns, verbs, and pronouns, and, more importantly, they get to learn more about sentence structure naturally. With enough practice and consistency, this becomes a great foundation for their reading and writing skills.


Tips to make the most of audiobooks in English for Kids

Audiobooks are, without a doubt, a great learning tool. Even though their use is pretty straightforward -mostly it’s just listening and enjoying-, you can take advantage of audio books to turn them into powerful educational resources for your child.

These are a few tips to make learning English with audio books more beneficial:

  • Let your child decide the reading pace

Some children are more comfortable going through an audiobook at a fast pace, while others enjoy capturing every detail on each page and sentence. Find out your child preferences and enjoy the story together.

  • Repetition is key

Audiobooks allow you to go over the same part several times. Through repetition, children get familiarized with what they’re reading. It gives them a chance to understand the vocabulary, get acquainted with sentence structure, and to practice pronunciation by listening to the story in English several times.

  • Illustrated audiobooks are a great way to learn new vocabulary

Often, these come with illustrations that not only enrich the tale but also help practice extra words that might not appear in the story. Describe the illustrations with your child to also improve their cognitive skills.

  • Audiobooks can be a great conversation starter

If your child is already speaking a few sentences in English, you can start a conversation in English by discussing the topic of one these books.

  • Encourage your child to read along with the audio

It doesn’t matter that your child is not able to fully comprehend what’s being read, what’s important is that repetition while speaking will help boost their speaking skills as they get to learn more about writing and spelling in English.

  • Use the new vocabulary with your child during day-to-day activities

Try to incorporate the new words slowly and practice them around the house.

Audio books gather the best learning activities: reading, listening, and storytelling. Pick up your child’s favorites and embark on a new adventure together!