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LingoListen: The Sound We Found Podcast for Kids

Listen along with the Lingokids friends to decipher a mysterious sound! 

lingolisten the sound we found podcast for kids


Hey Lingokids, do you hear that? The Lingokids characters need your help to discover which animal is making a mysterious sound! Put on your thinking caps and listen closely to our new LingoListen episode. Download this coloring page to color a garden as you listen along to this audio story.

LingoListen: The Sound We Found




The Sound We Found: Transcript 

Welcome to LingoListen! Maybe you like to close your eyes when you listen, maybe you color, maybe you like to look out the window…whatever you do, listen carefully to help figure out the sounds in…The Sound We Found!


The Sound of Birds ?

Narrator: I bet you know that sound. Birds! They’re chirping and singing and enjoying my favorite season: spring. I love to see everything growing in the garden in springtime. 

Lisa: Me too! I love planting vegetables. 

Narrator: That’s great Lisa! Well today, Lisa, Elliot, Cowy and I are going to do some work in the garden.

Lisa: Yay! 

Cowy: Fun!

Elliot: Woo-hoo!



Let’s Go Into The Garden ?

Narrator: Do you know that sound? That was the door opening – we’re stepping outside! (Gasp) Listen!

Narrator: Hey, did you all see that? 

Cowy: Nope

Elliot: I didn’t see anything.

Lisa: I did! I see everything. 

Narrator: Well then Lisa…tell our listeners what made that sound and what you saw.

Lisa: Um actually, I think I saw it, but I’m now not sure. Can we play a guessing game? Everyone can try to guess what made that sound in the garden. 



Is It A Monkey??

Narrator: (haha) Okay Lisa. Here’s the first clue. It’s a small animal that can live in a garden. 

Narrator: Elliot, can you guess what animal it could be?

Elliot: Hmmm…a monkey?

Elliot: monkey (oo oo oo ah ah ah)

Narrator: Well, it’s true that monkeys go in gardens in some parts of the world, like Thailand or Costa Rica. But not here. Let’s try another clue. Listen to something this animal does in the garden. 



The Sound of Coloring ??

Narrator: Do you know that sound Cowy? Can you guess?

Cowy: That sounds like coloring.

Lisa: Animals can’t color! 

Cowy: Oh…



Is It A Donkey??

Narrator: Good guess, Cowy. Now for the third clue – this animal has long ears. Lisa, why don’t you guess this time?

Lisa: Oh I know! A donkey has long ears…

Narrator: That’s true, but I didn’t see a donkey in this garden. It looks like we’re going to have to call our big kid expert, Lizzie.



The Sound We Found?

Amalia: Hello? 

Narrator: Hi, it’s LingoListen. Can you help us with the Sound We Found? 

Amalia: Sure, I already heard the clues. You said small animal in the garden, so I was going to guess a mouse. And the second clue… Sounded like digging. Mice dig in the dirt.

Narrator: Is that your guess? A mouse? 

Amalia: Nope! Because mice don’t have long ears. I think a small animal in the garden that can dig holes and has long ears is… A rabbit!

Narrator: Right! 

Elliot: Oh, a rabbit! 

Cowy: I love rabbits.

Lisa: Yes, I was going to say rabbit next. 

Narrator: We found the sound!

Elliot: We found the sound!

Cowy: We found the sound!

Lisa: We found the sound!

Narrator: Lizzie what can you tell us about rabbits?

Amalia: Well, rabbits love to dig in gardens – but gardeners don’t always want them there. That’s probably why the rabbit hopped away when she heard you. 

Elliot: Bye-bye bunny! 

Amalia: And did you know? Bunny is a cute word for rabbit, but it doesn’t mean baby rabbit. Actually, baby rabbits are called kittens! 


Coloring Time! ?

Narrator: Thanks for being our big kid expert, Lizzie! Hey LingoListeners, do you color when you listen? We have a special coloring page for this episode! Ask a grown-up to print it out, then color it in. Add a rabbit to the garden – or just draw your own garden on a piece of paper. Take a picture of your artwork and share it with us! We would love to see it. Bye-bye!

english for kids - cowy homework - lingokids


Download Your Coloring Page

Time to color, Lingokids! We have prepared this worksheet for you to color. We would love it if you’d share it with us on our social media channels so that we can see your works of art!

lingolisten-coloring printable

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