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Activities to learn about action verbs

Learn more about action verbs in a practical and engaging way with these fun games!

Go, run, stop! Action verbs can be very fun to learn! These type of verbs are one of the easiest to learn. They talk about actions, and these appear frequently on the different parts of each person’s day. From taking a bath, eating, to sleeping, action verbs narrate the day-to-day life of all people. With these activities to learn about action verbs, your little one will be able to recognize the most important ones while having lots of fun!

Simon Says

1. Simon Says. This is a classic game that’s suited even for the youngest children. Playing it is really easy, and it’s better to play it in groups. One person is going to be designated as Simon. This person should stand in front of the rest of the group. Simon will tell the rest of the group what to do, and they have to follow the instructions. However, there’s a trick to this. The players should only obey when Simon starts the request by saying “Simon says…”, on the contrary, they have to stay still. If a player follows an instruction that didn’t start that way, then he or she loses the game. To practice action verbs, you can make a list of some fun options to do while playing, like: touch your nose , jump , run in circles , sit down , stand up , etc. This way, through playing, your child will get to know the pronunciation of these action words in English as he or she also learns their meanings.

Acting time

2. Acting time! A fun activity to play with the whole family! Grab your child’s favorite book or short story and turn it into some acting time. To do this, you will need to read the story and reenact the different parts of the story that contain action verbs. For example, if the character in the story walks, then you and your child should mimic that. It’s just like turning a book into your own theater play! Make sure to emphasize the different action verbs that appear throughout the book so your little one can learn their pronunciation in English, and also their meaning. If you want to, you can turn this activity also into a puppet play. The idea is to be creative and to practice all the verbs in the book.

Fun race

3. Fun races: If you’re planning a trip to the park, this game could be a nice activity to try out there, after all, children love to race! They’re fast, they have lots of energy, and it’s fun for them! So, next time you’re at the park with your little one, why not play a game of fun races? All you have to do is to set the rules for the race. In this case, since you’ll be practicing action verbs, you can establish different stages for the race. For example, the first part will be to hop ten times , then, the second part will be to jump on a circle ten times , and so on. Like this, you can keep adding stages to your race depending on the action you want to practice that day and the contestant who finishes first wins.

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