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Free playlearning™ content curated by the Lingokids educators team.

English for kids

Homeschooling Worksheets in English for Preschool and Kindergarten

If you're looking for FUN, FREE preschool worksheets in English for kids (ages 3-7) to work on and learn at home, we got you!

Finding things to do when homeschooled or learning at home can be really difficult. Doing the same activities can be a drag, so if you’re looking for fun, free preschool worksheets in English for kids to learn at home, we got you!

In times when parents have to work from home, looking for educational activities for children is the best way to guarantee they have a good time while still learning. Choose a few of our preschool worksheets and enjoy the fun activities whilst still practicing key vocabulary, reading skills and writing skills!

That’s why we’ve gathered a few homeschooling English worksheets for kids in preschool and kindergarten to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Just click the image to download for free!


Worksheets in English for 3 and 4 Year Olds

At school, your child will have been focusing on creating simple sentences of five to six words, so these worksheets will be the perfect complement, helping them with new vocabulary and sentence structure.

The worksheets for nursery in English also have colouring, drawing and cut and paste elements, ideal for assisting development of the fine motor skills.


I Have, Who Has Game

Homeschooling Worksheets

Learn the different food names in this fun call and response activity. Practice asking and answering questions and learning to recognise the different vegetables and legumes in English!


Draw the Monster Game

Homeschooling Worksheets

What creature has four eyes and three noses? Must be a monster! Enjoy this spooky drawing game and learn the different body parts in English. Afterwards, why not have a go at drawing your own monster.


Clothes Word Sorting Game

Homeschooling Worksheets

Wrapping up warm or keeping it cool? Learn the different types of clothing and when to wear them in this cutting and pasting exercise! What is your favorite item of clothing to wear when it’s hot? How about when it’s freezing cold?


Worksheets in English for 6 Year Olds

By the age of six your child will have more advanced reading skills  and will be starting to  identify the auxiliary verbs and more complex adjectives. Test their skills with these fun worksheets and make sure to use repetition to help them retain what they have learned.


How Are You Today?

Homeschooling Worksheets

Practice asking ‘How Are You Today?’ with this worksheet, and learn the different emotions in English. Which of Cowy’s moods do you most identify with today?


How Do They Feel?

Homeschooling Worksheets

Familiarize yourself with the verb ‘To Be’ and its different forms in this fun activity. Have a go and find out how your favorite characters are feeling today!


A or An?

Homeschooling Worksheets

I have a apple? I have an banana? Get your head around articles and learn when to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ and many different fruits in English with this helpful worksheet!


Worksheets in English for 7 Year Olds

These homeschooling worksheets are perfect for seven year olds and may be useful for children slightly younger. Aiming to develop sentence structure and also spelling, the activities will stretch what they have learnt and also be good fun. Adults can join in as well!


Likes and Dislikes

Homeschooling Worksheets

For the fussy eaters and non fussy eaters alike, enjoy this fun game and practice saying which food you like and dislike! Learn a wide array of words for different foods and also try out asking questions in English.


Mixed Up Colors

Homeschooling Worksheets

Practice learning the words for the different colors and give constructing sentences a go! Take some time to also whip out your favorite colouring pencils and enjoy making your own mini masterpiece as you color in the different paint buckets.


Farm Animals

Homeschooling Worksheets

Stretch yourself with this crossword puzzle and practice writing the different farm animals! Enjoy the colorful illustrations and why not have a think about which one is your favorite animal! And why?

We hope you have enjoyed these worksheets! Share them with more kids so they playlearning™ in English too!

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