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Small Habitats Printable Activities

In these animal habitats worksheets, the little ones will have the chance to learn where the animals live with drawings, traceable words, and songs!

Does your little one know where ants live? Or, maybe they have heard that bees live in something called beehives! The fact is that animal habitats come in so many different sizes, shapes and forms! As it’s known, big animals live in big habitats, like forests and deserts, while small animals live in small habitats more fit to their sizes, which are cozy and great for their growth. In these fun and educational printable activities, your little ones will learn lots about different animals and the different types of places they live in..

Printables activities are a great way for kids to practice the knowledge they’ve acquired during previous lessons, after reading their favorite books, or after singing their favorite songs. By completing worksheets for kids, they can put several different skills to practice, like developing fine motor skills by coloring the drawings, and also stimulating their creativity by picking the best colors to use in their artworks.

In these animal habitats worksheets, the little ones will have the chance to learn the animals home name as they color them, and they also can take a look at the animals that live in those places. They will see: a beehive, where bees live and produce their sweet honey; a nest, where the little birds grow until they learn how to fly; reeds, with their long, straight canes quite loved by butterflies; a beaver dam, which beavers built with such hard work!; a log, where some birds like woodpeckers love to dwell, and rocks, which are some of frogs’ favorite places!

After your little ones are done creating their awesome art with colors illustrating the types ofhabitats for small animals, they can practice both their writing and spelling skills by tracing the names of each one of these habitat examples. This activity is great for the little ones, it makes easier to reinforce English vocabulary they’ve previously learned, and, if they’re more advanced in age, they’ll be able to further practice their spelling skills!

It would be a great idea to complement these activities with your own questions and drawings. You can ask your little ones “Where do butterflies live?”, or maybe “What’s frogs’ natural habitat? ?” This way you’ll get to practice asking and answering questions in English, and also will encourage your child’s curiosity towards all living beings.

Another great activity that you can do with your child to complement these worksheets is to practice all the vocabulary included in the drawings. For example, as soon as your little one has finished painting the images, pick one, for example, the birds’ nest. Ask your little one what objects he or she can see in the picture. Can he or she spot an egg? What about the feather? Explain to your little one that birds live in nests they make from little twigs, that they are born from eggs that hatch when the baby birds are ready, and that mother bird feeds them worms that help them grow strong and healthy! You can do this for all the animals and their habitats you have on the worksheets.

Another way to supplement these printable activities for children is to sing! In the worksheets, you’ll find a love children’s song called “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” that talks about five little speckled frogs that are sitting in a log on a pool, and they start jumping to swim in the cool waters. Through this song, your little one will practice vocabulary about animals homes as he or she learns some basic math! By clicking the name of the song in the worksheet, you can check out the video to keep practicing this vocabulary in English with your little one!

Now, let’s start learning about all these lovely animals and their homes as we have fun!

Small Habitats Worksheets

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