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Fairy Tales Printable Activity

With this fairy tales worksheets, the little ones will get to practice their coloring and writing skills with their favorite fantastic characters!

A magical land, with charming characters and an enchanted story… Fairy tales are filled with lots of fantastic adventures that make them children’s favorites! The stories are always amusing, and easy enough even for the youngest ones to understand the plot, and to get lost inside their special world, which is a great way of boosting children’s learning skills. But, how can children learn from fairy tales? Reading the story is always the first step, but through complementary activities, like this fairy tales printable activity, your little ones will be able to keep the learning gears going even after they read their best-liked stories!

In this coloring pages for kids, your little ones will get to practice their coloring skills with some of the most well-known fairy tales characters, played by Cowy the Cow, Billy the Chick, Elliot the Panda, Cowy’s Grandma, Cowy’s Mother, and Lisa the Cat! First, they’ll see Cowy’s mom as a beautiful fairy; she has big wings and a magical wand. Then, Billy is looking rather magical dressed as a wizard, with a pointy hat, a magic cane, and a wizard’s tunic. Now, it’s Elliot’s turn! He, of course, is a funny jester who’s juggling some balls while wearing the usual cap and bells hat. Following him it’s Cowy’s grams, she’s playing a witch! She’s sitting in a magical broom, and carrying her magical pointy hat. Next, Cowy makes an appearance as a lovely princess, she has a beautiful crown and a lovely dress. Finally, Lisa is looking great as a mermaid! She has a long tail, and beautiful hair!

Once your little one has finished these pictures to paint, you can start working on a whole different set of skills: learning how to write! Ask your child to trace the words below each character, and make sure to practice all the letters, this way, it will not only practice learning a few new words in English, but he or she can practice the letters of the alphabet.

Using fairy tales as a learning aid can be of good use for children. These fictional stories are good for their imagination, because they encourage the little ones’ creative thoughts, at the same time as they boost children’s curiosity, making them eager to learn. Plus, most of these stories are great to teach children how to discern right from wrong, thanks to their valuable life lessons, also they instill important critical thinking skills in them. This is why, when mixing with another type of learning activities like drawing and painting, fairy tales can be a great practice method for learning a second language.

Also, coloring sheets are great asset for language learners, specially for the young English learners. By using these, the little ones can start associating the drawings and the elements they feature with the words used for naming them in the English language. As an additional activity from this drawings, you can practice with your little one some extra vocabulary using the elements found in the characters. For example, ask your little one: “What’s next to wizard Billy?” “A crystal ball, and two books.” Or, “What is mermaid Lisa holding in her hand?” “It’s a lyre, a musical instrument!”

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Fairy tales printable activities

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