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Children are always thinking about what to be when they grow up, this is why it's important to teach them jobs vocabulary. Here you'll find a list of professions and fun activities to help them learn about this topic.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That’s one of the most common questions adults ask kids, and the answers are always interesting and imaginative, from astronauts to doctors, they start thinking and dreaming about jobs and what they’re going to become when they’re older.

Children tend to look for ideas for their future jobs from their relatives, their favorite characters in books or movies, and even their favorite toys. The options seem to be diverse, and it’s always a great idea to teach them vocabulary related to jobs and professions from a young age, not only to widen their vocabulary, but also to start instilling a sense of responsibility and respect towards work.

To make them more aware of the different choices there are regarding jobs and occupations, teach them a wide range of professions available in the community, and make sure they understand the value of every and each one of those jobs and how they shape their neighborhoods and cities.

Here you’ll find a list of jobs and professions that you can teach your kids. You’ll also find activities and games to further complement the lesson.

List of professions

Artista - Profesiones


Astronaut - Jobs


Chef - Jobs


Construction worker - Jobs

construction worker

Firefighter - Jobs


Doctor - Jobs


Policía - Profesiones


Teacher - Jobs


Nurse - Jobs


actress /actor/ architect / singer

dentist / detective / writer / farmer

nurse / pilot / engineer / accountant

butcher / cashier / barber / carpenter

lifeguard /baker / electrician / flight attendant

plumber / / receptionist / researcher

scientist / lawyer / bus driver / designer

journalist / photographer / musician / painter

florist / sales assistant / mechanic / model

shop assistant / politician / translator / postman

hairdresser / taxi driver / pharmacist / nanny

travel agent / cleaner / biologist /businesswoman

businessman / dancer / gardener / meteorologist

programmer / travel guide / saleswoman / salesman


Jobs and Work Vocabulary


A position of regular employment.


A mean of earning income.


The person who is in charge at work.


A person hired to work for another.


Someone’s work hours.

day off

A free day from work or school.

Jobs and Professions Printable Flashcards

Flashcards: Professions


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