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Shapes play an important part in kids learning. Here you'll find different games and activities to help children learn the shapes!

Shapes are the first impressions children get as they start recognising the world that surrounds them. They look at the clouds, fruits and other basic every-day objects, silently studying how they look, and they also start to recognise the shapes of eyes, ears and all the facial features in order to identify their family members. Suffice it to say, kids start to perceive the shapes around them even when they are still unfamiliar with their names and purposes.

While learning the shapes, the little ones acquire a varied set of skills such as verbal communication that comes in handy when they practice describing the shapes they see, pre-reading and writing as they are getting the basis for number and letter identification, geometry which is a great asset for future math learning, and creativity, and all of these will enhance their experience in life by allowing kids to better interact with the world, establishing useful connections between objets and granting them with a better appreciation of art.

There are tons of ways to learn the shapes, from songs and videos to fun crafts and games. Here you’ll find some interesting ideas to make the learning the shapes a fun process for your kids.

Shapes Names

Shapes in English - Triangle


Shapes in English - Trapezoid


Shapes in English - Star


Shapes in English - Square


Shapes in English - Rectangle


Shapes in English - Octagon


Shapes in English - Heart


Shapes in English - Diamond


Shapes in English - Circle


Let´s learn how to draw a house ¡made of shapes!

Shapes Printable Flashcards ?

Flashcards: Shapes

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