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Family Members Game

While talking about family members, children can expand their vocabularies as they learn about people they love. Let's learn about family members with Teacher Wes and Cowy in a fun way!

Let’s learn how to talk about our families in English! Often the first words a child can say are “Mum” and “Dad.” As they grow up, they can expand their vocabulary and begin to talk about other family members or people who are important to them. Can your children say the name of another important family members in English?

Do they have a sister or brother?

How about an aunt or an uncle?

What other family relationships can they describe?


In the video, Teacher Wes shows us a family picture. Who is in the picture? His fiance! Her name is Abby!

Encourage your child to try spelling A B B Y with teacher Wes. Then, Wes shows us his pet! He has a dog named Alfie. Pets are an important part of our families, too! If you have a pet, ask your child to tell you its name in English. Then, we get to meet Cowy’s family! In the game, we see Cowy’s mum and grandma. To practice other English words, ask your child what colors Cowy’s family members are wearing! Use other vocabulary words he or she might know to talk about size, emotions, and the names of clothes. Is Cowy’s grandma happy? Is Cowy big or small?


Using Lingokids’s games, it’s easy to help your child improve his or her family vocabulary. Encourage them to practice when they spend time visiting and playing with a family member. C’mon, let’s watch the video and learn to talk about our family members!

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