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The weather

Teaching kids about the weather is a great way to introduce them to science and help them understand their surroundings. Here you'll find fun activities and games to help them learn about this important topic.

The weather is an important topic for kids no matter where they live. It could be in the coldest place, or maybe in a more tropical zone. As they grow up, children start to recognise the different temperatures throughout the year, as they set out on a journey to look for signs of rainstorms, or wait for spring to come.

There are lots of reasons that make learning weather related words at a young age important. By doing this, kids learn to identify the different environmental changes and patterns that occur in their surroundings and it’s also a great way to introduce simple science concepts into their lives, which will be relevant for their future education.

Additionally, it’s essential that all children learn to be cautious when weather changes might be dangerous, like during severe storms or intense summers. Fortunately, teaching kids about this topic can be really fun.

Here you’ll find a list of weather vocabulary in English and also some fun activities and games to help the little ones start learning about the weather.

Weather Vocabulary

Cold - Weather Vocabulary


Hot - Weather Vocabulary


Windy - Weather Vocabulary


Rain - Weather Vocabulary


Snow - The weather


Cloud - Weather Vocabulary

sleet /cloud / rainbow / sun / fog

mist / frost / drizzle / showers

flood / downpours / hail / heavy rain

snowflake / breeze / hurricane / cyclone

typhoon / tornado / thunder / drought

forecast / lightning / haze / hailstone

blizzard / sunshine / smog / light rain

Weather Adjectives

Sunny - Weather Vocabulary


Wind - Weather Vocabulary


Stormy - Weather Vocabulary


Snow - Weather Vocabulary


chilly / gloomy / foggy / clear / icy

cold / hot / humid / warm

hazy / misty / damp / frosty

Weather and seasons vocabulary cards

Flashcards: Weather Vocabulary Flashcards: Weather & Seasons

To further practice the weather vocabulary, take a look at the different seasons of the year, this way your little one will be able to relate the different weather conditions to each one of them. Let’s keep learning!

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