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Lingokids’ #PositiveParenting Series Addresses Parental Burnout

Dr. Ashurina Ream joined the conversation to speak to the causes of parental burnout and its effect on parents

Los Angeles, California – March xx, 2021- Playlearning™ app’s Lingokids #PositiveParenting Series most recent webisode tackled the subject of Parental Burnout. The ninth installment of the series was joined by Dr. Ashurina Ream, @psychedmommy, a clinical psychologist specializing in perinatal mental health focusing on the issues that occur during pregnancy, post-partum, and beyond. 

In the most recent livestream, the hosts addressed the causes of parental burnout and its effect on parents during the pandemic. Described as a form of physical and emotional exhaustion, parental burnout is a feeling so intense that parents who were once operating at a high-functioning level found themselves struggling to show interest when their children want to show or talk to them about something.

“Parental burnout is extreme exhaustion based on this idea that we have a prolonged period of stress that we’re experiencing and it’s increasing to where we feel like we don’t have the adequate resources to cope with everything going on around us” said Dr. Ream, “I once read a study that said it impacts about 14% of parents, my guess is that this has doubled or even tripled since the pandemic.”

The hosts discussed the importance of incorporating the Three S’s – space, support, self-compassion – into their daily routine. Examples of incorporating the Three S’s into everyday life include: taking time to outside of your family for yourself, tagging in a friend or family member for assistance, and being kind to yourself when you decide to prioritize your own needs. With consistency being key in incorporating these practices into their daily life, Dr. Ream encouraged parents to measure how they feel when they are taking time to decompress and to take note of what activities make them feel better and result in better parenting. 

To prevent parental burnout, Dr. Ream expressed the importance of finding creative ways to meet your needs. “Ask yourself how you can beef up your resources and find ways to offload these demands and find people in your circle who can help you.” she said, “You’re not doing yourself any favors with the I can do it myself attitude.”

Additionally, the hosts expressed that tools such as Lingokids do not only help in moments of parental burnout but also establish a sense of independence in children during those moments of independent play. Dr. Ream stressed that parents should rely on the resources at hand without any feeling of shame or guilt. 

As Lingokids continues to provide resources for children, parents, and caregivers with relevant topics throughout unprecedented times, stay tuned for Lingokids’ #PositiveParenting Series by following @Lingokids on Instagram and Facebook. To watch the complete webisode, click HERE.

About Lingokids:

Lingokids is the playlearning™ app for children between 2 and 8 years old. More than 20 million families already use the platform. Lingokids’ mission is to help parents raise amazing kids and break down educational barriers to create equal opportunities for all kids. The company collaborates with NGOs and foundations around the world, such as Save the Children in the US, UNICEF, UNHCR and Red Cross, Pies Descalzos in Colombia (founded by Shakira), and the Queen Rania Foundation in Jordan. Lingokids also collaborates with companies like T-Mobile, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Oxford University Press, Vodafone or Iberia. Lingokids has been featured as one of the best learning apps in media like Vogue, The Hechinger Report, and The Orlando Sentinel. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lingokids donated over 30,000 app licenses to schools and NGOs. It was also chosen as one of the Top20StartUps by LinkedIn. The company has raised $23 million in funds to date from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, JME Ventures, Ravensburger,$ All Iron Ventures, 500 Startups, Athos, Sabadell Ventures, BigSur, Reach Capital, K-Fund’s founding partners, SHO-zemi, Incuvest, and business angels like Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX.


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