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We’re so excited to introduce our brand new podcast for kids, LingoListen! With our exciting different audio stories, your child will get to learn about friendship, problem-solving, collaboration, and healthy habits.

Why audio learning for kids, you may ask? Listening activities, like podcasts and audiobooks, encourage our little learners to practice key skills like listening comprehension, imagination, and concentration – not to mention, they’re so much fun.

You can check out this article to learn more about the amazing benefits audiobooks offer for kids!

Introducing… LingoListen!

Now that you know why we’re such big fans of audio learning, it’s probably no surprise that we created our very own kids’ podcast. LingoListen is a great activity for kids with a more advanced level of English, preferably native speakers or children 6 years and older.

One of our favorite things about this activity is that your child can enjoy digital learning without having their eyes glued to their devices. With the same static image on the screen, you can flip your tablet or phone over so that your little learner can focus on listening and using their imagination. In other words, less screen time, more fun, more learning.

Enjoy Our Amazing Audio Stories

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy LingoListen! Our podcast includes three audio stories for your child to enjoy. Take a look:

1. The Treasure Hunt

Ready for an adventure, Lingokids? Because in this audio story, we’re going on a treasure hunt! Listen along and see what type of treasure you find.

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2. The Ant and the Bird

We all know how important friends are! This story puts a fresh spin on a classic story about quick-thinking, bravery, and friendship.

3. Goodnight, Lingokids!

It’s time to get ready for bed! With this audio story, your child will get to practice mindful breathing with the Lingokids friends and learn about their bedtime routines.

4. The Sound We Found

Do you hear that? It’s a mysterious sound! With this LingoListen episode, your child will get to listen along – and color this worksheet – as the Lingokids characters discover which animal is making the sound.

Tune in now!

LingoListen is available now on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public. You can also download the Lingokids app to find these three audio stories in the Extra Content section under Curriculum.

We hope you enjoy this audio learning appventure!

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