?? DIY: Christmas Crafts To Do At Home With Children ?


Christmas is a time that gives children hope, they enjoy it more than anyone else in the world. Playing with cousins, laughing with grandparents, and, in short, spending pleasant moments that they will always treasure. These are the reasons why they wait all year for this day to arrive. To have a perfect Christmas plan, recreational activities such as crafts with family, friends, or even by themselves (if they are the right age), will make spending the winter days very entertaining.

In addition to the manual exercises, children can discover and develop their skills while entertaining themselves during their vacations and keeping their knowledge fresh. Through artistic expressions, they can expand their creative imaginary and enhance their cognitive development, learn about materials, and experiment with how to combine them.

Are you up for doing crafts with your child? Without spending a lot of money and with the help and supervision of parents, the little ones of the house can begin to express their creativity with a Christmas touch, create unique and personalized environments, and, of course, create lifetime memories.


Children’s Creations for Christmas

Christmas Stockings

It’s a tradition for Santa to leave candy in a stocking, so creating a Christmas stocking is a great idea. Children always look forward to receiving gifts, even more, if they receive them in some stockings made by themselves.

What do you need? A pair of green or red socks and some beads like sequins, bows, stickers, lace, or glitter. They can use glue, special crafts for children, textiles, velcro with adhesive, but make sure they always work under your supervision.

In addition, these festive stockings are excellent decorations for chimneys or spaces near the Christmas tree.

? Snowmen

Yes, it sounds typical, but it is a classic that everyone loves! If there’s not enough snow in your area, you can always find new ways to make snowmen with other items that can be found at home: bags, toilet paper, cotton, or fabric.

To continue with the same style as the previous idea, it would be enough to have a white sock available. Fill it with rice and divided it into two parts by tying two white pieces of string around it (one part would be the body and the other one would be the head). Then, decorate it to your liking (use buttons for eyes, a bow as a scarf, a ballpoint pen like a nose, etc.), and it will be more than enough to make a nice snowman.

Letters of Good Wishes

Cards or letters of good wishes with drawings, glitter and Christmas motifs are excellent crafts. Additionally, these letters help children express their feelings for their loved ones, enhancing their emotional intelligence. Remember that the supervision of an adult is always required when using scissors and other craft instruments.


Hanging Ornaments

Using green buttons of different sizes organized from large to small, and crossed by the center with a thread or nylon, your child will be able to make beautiful Christmas adornments. These are ideal for hanging on the tree because the material of the buttons usually reflects the light and it’s very shiny. They can try combining buttons and strings of different colors to make it more fun.

Other classics ornaments can be made by drawing and coloring little angels on cardboards and then including a bow to hang them.


? Christmas Pine Cones

At this time of the year, it is common to find pine cones that have fallen from trees in some parks. We encourage you to go out and take a walk with your child and pick up some so that they can be customized at home using paint and brush.

In addition, you can help decorate them to create a Christmas center that you will put together in one place in the house. It will make your son very happy!


? Christmas Drawings

Your child will enjoy having the opportunity to draw Santa Claus or The Three Wise Men. One idea would be to download a nice image from the Internet so that they can color it themselves or to create a new drawing related to Christmas from scratch. Once the drawings are done, your child can place them in their bedroom door or window to wish everyone happy holidays.


Musical instruments

Christmas is a good opportunity to recycle plastic bottles and old pencils. It’s better to use a water bottle, which has several indentations, so when brushing it with a pencil, it makes a sound that will entertain your child. To customize it, it’s better to use tempera paint, since these have a better grip on the plastic surface.

Oh! If you put rice inside the bottle you will create another instrument because the sound changes, everything depends on what you want.

? Advent Calendar

From December 1st to Christmas Eve there are twenty-four days. To celebrate these days, there’s the Advent calendar. A very fun idea is for your child to make and paint their own calendar with a shoebox.

For this, cover the box with paper, then paint 24 squares on one of the sides and numbered them from 1 to 24, then trim three sides of each square on them to make an opening. Inside the box put pieces of paper to divide the box into 24 squares, just like those painted outside, once this is done, put a piece of candy inside each.

Starting on December 1st, each day until Christmas Eve remove the remaining tab and take one of the twenty-four candies hidden inside. It can be also be shaped like a tree, or a Santa Claus belly, or whatever they wish.


During Christmas time, children spend more time at home and it is usual that they want to do activities. Take advantage of these special days to spend quality time with your child, do activities together, and, above all, stimulate your child’s imagination. You will see that using simple things you can find at home you will be able to spend wonderful afternoons.

Crafts, besides improving their artistic skills, also are a way to have a treasured time that will always remain in their memory and in their heart.


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