Games 3-Year-Olds Will Love


Three years old is a transitional stage for children. It is approximately the time when they are no longer babies and they start to become young people. It is at this moment when they will experience rapid changes in their abilities, they will acquire new abilities and in general, will jump into full speed in their development.


Games for 3-Year-Olds, New Activities For A New Phase

One of the main reasons that three years old is such an important moment, is that children will begin to interact with the world around them with a lot more detail and with more independence. They will no longer be limited to just watching, in fascination (although this may continue), but they will also begin to fully interact with what is going on around them.

Games and activities for three-year-olds are key elements at this stage of development. Playing games is an activity that is very important for children of all ages (even for adults) but it is at this age where games can fully maximize their growth.


The Best Games For Boys And Girls Aged Three

There are many different games and activities that are suitable for three-year-olds. It is even possible to come up with your own games, this they will love!

Here we have tried to come up with a list of the best and most entertaining games for three-year-olds. Most of them should sound familiar!

  • Puzzles

Puzzles will provide many benefits for children of all ages, they will help to develop their hand-eye coordination, their abilities to problem solve, their strategic thinking, their tolerance to frustration, these are just to name a few. Three years old is an ideal time to introduce children to the fascinating and absorbing world of puzzles.

Ideally, children should start with relatively simple puzzles, and then as they become more accustomed to the games and become more advanced, be introduced to more complex puzzles.


  • Hide And Seek

This game is perfect for three-year-olds. Not only is it an excuse for exercise, but they will also feel independent and will begin to think strategically. You will have loads of fun together trying to find new places to hide. This is a guaranteed hit.


  • Role-Playing Games

Roleplay, as with puzzles, can be very beneficial to children. In this case, for such young children, role-playing can provide an important introduction to the world around them that will raise their awareness of their surroundings.

It goes without saying that these games are an excellent way to stimulate creativity and imagination. Acting as policemen, firemen, nurses, vets, you will see how much they enjoy themselves.


  • Arts And Crafts

Artistic activities are also highly recommended at this age. It shouldn’t be about trying to convert them into great artists, but so that they can develop their feel for things and stimulate their creativity.

There are many different suitable alternatives for three-year-olds, plasticine, cardboard or paper figures, watercolor paint, flour, and water…


  • Obstacle Courses

Three years old is a good age to really begin to take advantage of outdoor activities. A simple obstacle course is a great way to spend an afternoon with both friends and family whilst being outdoors and in the fresh air.


  • Treasure Hunts

This is a classic that never becomes old. Essentially a form of hiding and seek but with a difference. The idea is to find a hidden object, that you can search for together using hints or clues.

You can add some imagination to the game by introducing fun stories to add to the activity (a pirates treasure, a wizards spell book etc…). You could even give them cryptic clues, provide them with maps… Watch how they will not stop until they find the treasure.


  • Identification Of Emotions

Games for three-year-olds are in large part so that children can begin their understanding of the world and also about themselves. Emotions, whether that be to identify them, express them, or even adapt to them, are a fundamental part of our personality, so why not play with this?

For example, you could create faces from cardboard using different expressions, sad, happy, scared, angry… and then play games to identify each one.


You could even try to guess the emotions of their favorite cartoon character during an episode. Be creative!

When searching for games and activities for young boys and girls, you will find that there are many to choose from. We hope that this small selection of games will help you, but if not, remember that the only limit is your imagination, create your own games to enjoy as a family!

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