Keep Active With Our Brand New Lingokids Fitness Chant!

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It’s a familiar sight. Everyone slumped on the sofa after another day indoors. At Lingokids, we’ve become so used to the couch potato life, that we decided to create something new to get everyone up on their feet and active!


Don’t Stop Baby Bot!


Cue… Don’t Stop Baby Bot! With a crazy 80s aesthetic and an energetic dance routine, family fun is now reinvigorated with this brand new chant! This song is dangerously catchy so don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along for the rest of the day.

Finding a home fitness routine that works with kids can be really challenging, which is why we wanted to come up with a fun and engaging way to get everyone moving. We already know how much fun it is to have a family dance party, so why not take the dancing and turn it into a family workout?

It’s also really important for kids to be regularly active, as this can help them:

  • Develop motor skills.
  • Boost self-confidence as they learn new skills.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, as the exercise releases endorphins – chemicals that alleviate pain and boost happiness!

So what are you waiting for? Join Cowy, as she gets Elliot and Baby Bot off the sofa, and take part in our brand new family workout, Don’t Stop Baby Bot!

For more of our fun chants, take a look at our Spotify Chants playlist!

Have you heard Don’t Stop Baby Bot? Let us know what you think on our social media channels!

Cowy Dancing


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