Fall Asleep to These… Bedtime Stories for Your Baby

Bedtime stories for babies are just as important as any other stories that we may read to children of all ages, or even more so! It’s true that babies do not talk or even understand fully what we are saying, but reading to them can be equally as beneficial.

This is because storytelling, the simple act of reading a short passage, can be an important event in their development, beyond any short-term benefits, such as helping them to sleep, helping them to relax, etc…


Bedtime Stories For Babies, A Fantastic Way To Bond With Your Child

Reading stories to a baby means that they will be paying attention to our voices. The words that we use, our gestures, our tone, the small sounds we make to illustrate our story…these are all important details that will be picked up by our baby. Not only will they enjoy them and be calmed down by these sounds, but we will also be tightening the bond between us.

Babies may also find pleasure from our stories in other ways. The most direct way that they have is to enter into contact via the illustrations.

Most of the storybooks for babies come with eye-catching and fascinating illustrations that will be very stimulating for them. Even though they may not understand what they are seeing, the explosion of colors combined with interesting characters… will grab their attention and work their minds.

All of this at the same time as our voice, bit by bit, continues with the story. Could there possibly be a better way to help our babies develop their minds, at the same time as helping them to sleep? Is it not very likely right?


The Best Stories That You Can Read To Your Baby

Even though and as we said, babies can’t understand exactly what we are saying, they do pick up quite a lot more than we imagine.

Our voice, our tone, the words… all of these will influence our baby, together with the sensations that they cause. For this reason, not any type of stories will work.

There are many stories written especially for babies (0-1 years old) that are an ideal way to lay foundations, to help them to relax and to help them fall asleep, at the same time as developing our relationship together.

You will also be able to pick up on the amazingly fast improvements that they make as time passes by, as their perceptions change and how each story becomes a different experience. A wonderful experience for all parents.

Here are a few suggestions for bedtime stories, perfect for babies:

  • The World Champion of Staying Awake (Sean Taylor, illustrations by Jimmy Liao)

What could be better than falling to sleep to a story about, sleeping! In this simple yet engrossing story, a little girl puts to sleep her dolls before going to sleep herself. She reads them surreal stories that you will love. One of the main attractions of this story is its beautiful illustrations that will no doubt catch the attention of your baby.


  • Are You Sleeping? (Constanze Von Kitzing)

Another story about somebody who doesn’t want to sleep. This story is about a young lion that explores the bed sheets to find other animals and to ask them if they have fallen asleep yet. Only the owls have resisted! A short and very sweet story with lovely illustrations that both you and your baby will love.


  • Jack And The Beanstalk

A classical fun story about a boy who finds some magic beans that grow into an enormous beanstalk. Follow Jack on his journey into the clouds where he will find many surprises including a giant who lives in a castle.


  • The Three Little Pigs

Another classic with many adaptations. This story is easy to follow and very easy to act out, allowing your baby to become fully engaged in the adventures of the three little piggies and the big bad wolf.


These are just a few of the limitless options and alternatives that you can find in the world of bedtime stories for babies. Follow your tastes and find illustrations that excite. You will find many books that will really grab the attention of your baby.


Now, what are your favorite bedtime stories for babies?

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