Drawing Books for Children to Learn How to Draw

Drawing is an expression of the imagination and creativity that began many years ago. Even now, children continue to choose this way of expressing themselves as one of their favorites. They love to draw and not just to have fun, but also to learn via this art form.

For this reason, drawing books are an excellent tool for developing their intelligence, creativity, and imagination. Here are a few of the types of books available to buy that cover many different tastes and preferences.


Novels and History Books for Drawing

If your child likes to read, or you simply wish to improve their reading ability, then these books are perfect. These are books that tell stories, adventures, and achievements of famous characters who young children can relate to, allowing them to draw and color in the images that appear in their imaginations.


Books About Famous People From History

These types of books are perfect to teach children about important people from history. They can draw and color in characters like Napoleon or past Presidents while learning about their stories and discovering their achievements.

Drawing Pads

We have all had one at some point. Drawing pads are just plain sheets of paper ready for drawing on. These types of books are perfect for children to be able to express their creativity, emotions, and feelings. As the pages are blank, there are no limits to stop them from transferring their thoughts onto the paper.


Geometric Drawing Books

These books for drawing are aimed at both children and adults. The books are based on Mandalas, which are Hindu symbols with shapes and lines surrounding a center point, usually within a square. These books are very useful to help children learn more about the use of colors and to enhance their ability to combine colors. These types of drawing books are very good with bright colors and because of the shapes and symbols, are an ideal way for children to relax whilst coloring in.


Learning Books

Not only can children draw, but they can also learn while they have fun. There are many drawing books that exist which use drawing as a didactic tool to teach children about different subjects like geography, maths, English, and even foreign languages.


Advantages and benefits of drawing books

  • Improvements in motor skills

By having to use a pencil or a paintbrush, a drawing will help children to improve their hand movements and will also improve their handwriting.


  • Enhancement of their creativity

Creativeness can really flourish in children. Art is the best way for them to develop their creativity and imagination. Drawing and coloring books are an ideal tool for them to convert themselves into creative people.


  • Improvements in relationships between parents and children

Parents and children drawing together is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together. You will have fun together and you will also improve the communication between you both, all whilst sharing an activity together.


  • Fun and entertaining

Without any doubt, children have fun drawing. During those moments when the weather doesn’t allow us to play outside, or our children are unwell, drawing can be the perfect option to have fun indoors.


  • Self-esteem

Although you might not think it, a drawing will actually help to improve children’s self-esteem. They will realize that they are learning new skills and as time passes, they will be able to draw with more detail which will help them to gain confidence and to feel more secure.


Art is a powerful tool that is ideal to help our children to develop important skills and to expand their knowledge. Drawing and coloring will help children to express themselves more freely and to improve their communication skills. Now you know about a few of the books available for our children, what do you think will be their favorite?

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