Coloring Books, a Classic You Can Never Go Wrong With

Making sure our children are entertained when they are at home it’s hard. Something that anyone with children can agree on. That’s why, on many occasions, we think of the easiest way to have them entertained. Video game consoles, TV, or even dad’s or mum’s phone.

We could say that everything is okay if we have our children calm and overall, quiet. But, what If we actually thought of alternative ways more beneficial for them? Why not use resources like coloring books, which have always worked?


What Are Coloring Books?

Being honest, the definition of these books couldn’t be easier. These are a type of notebooks which include pages full of drawings, without color, so children, add the very needed color.

We must underline that the goal of these drawing books is a special one, so you can obtain a good result using any color. It doesn’t matter if they want to use markers, crayons, or wood pencil colors. What matters the most is helping our children to discover how to express themselves in those drawings.


What type of coloring books can we find?

The different types of coloring books depend on the age because not every coloring book cover the same needs.

  • Coloring books up to 2 years old. In this case, the books come with universal drawings. Animals, vehicles and day to day objects we find in a house are the main characters. These are big drawings so children can start to work on their motor skills.


  • Coloring books from 2 to 5 years old. In this case, the coloring books you can find in the stores have more specific drawings. It’s important to say that the drawings are normally, their favorite fictional characters. These drawings have more details so they can learn to color more carefully.


  • Coloring books from 5 to 8 years. This is the third and last type of coloring book. In this case, the book has drawings that many times are incomplete. These books are focused so children join dots to finish the drawings. Then they can start to color it to have the expected result.


What are some of the benefits of coloring books?

The benefits of these educational resources are a lot. In fact, many teachers use them for complementary activities in their classes.

It Helps Them To Learn The Colors

This is basic. Thanks to these books they start to learn the basic colors. However, there’s more cause thanks to them, from an early age you can identify some disorders like color blindness, for example.


They Work Their Motor Skills

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important aspects. Thanks to coloring, they will start to learn how to hold crayons the right way and will learn to coordinate the movement of their hands. This is something that even adults could be good to get better in this area. It empowers imagination.


Imagination Is Very Important For children

The different drawings, joining dots to create other drawings and coloring them all, it is vital to help their imagination grow. What could children do without imagination?


Like we were able to prove in these lines, there are many benefits coloring books have, so it is always worth having one in hand. Fortunately, there are many publishers that publish this type of material, which will help you to find these coloring books easily.

To all of this, we have to add that it isn’t an expensive material at all. It is true you can find all kind of prices but in general, the price depends directly on the thickness of the coloring book, the paper’s quality, and the number of drawings it has.

It is definitely an educational resource that it’s worth having in your house. There are little ways like these to have them entertained. They will not just be entertained for hours giving us the very needed time for ourselves but they will also expand their imagination and will work on other aspects that are very important for their day to day life.

What else can we ask of a simple coloring book?

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