5 ABC Activities To Learn the Alphabet With Lingokids

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When it comes to reading, writing, and speaking, we know one thing for sure: None of these skills are possible without first learning the alphabet. And what better way for our children to learn letters and sounds than with ABC activities for toddlers


Why Is The Alphabet So Important For Kids? 

The alphabet is a key building block in childhood education. It’s the first step for our little ones to recognize letters and the different sounds they make so that eventually, they can move on to other skills like reading, writing, and speaking. In short, learning the alphabet is essential for kids to become good communicators

That’s why we think it’s so important to offer our little learners engaging alphabet learning activities. Because let’s face it, even the most basic of topics can be fun with a little play and some catchy tunes. Take a look at these online and offline ABC activities and see for yourself just how exciting the ABCs can be! 



Best ABC Activities For Preschoolers 

1. Sing And Dance To Our Hit ABC Chant

Join the millions of other families out there who are learning the ABCs the fun way, with our famous ABC Chant! Sing and dance along with your little one to the beat of the music while they learn the letters of the alphabet with Baby Bot and all the other Lingokids friends. 



2. Color – And Sing – The ABCs With Our ABC Printables 

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Download the free ABC printable


Once your little learner has warmed up with our ABC Chant, download these free ABC printables so that our child can color their favorite Lingokids characters. You can even sing along to our ABC Chant at the same time – don’t worry, the words are on the pages if you need a reminder. 



3. Get Ready To Rock N’ Roll With Our ABC Rock Song


Crank up the volume, because you’re not going to want to miss a beat of our ABC Rock Song! Help your toddler learn the alphabet, phonics, and letter sounds all through the power of rock n’ roll. 


4. Practice Letters With Our ABC Printable Worksheets 

Our ABC activity printables are great tools to encourage your preschooler to trace the letters of the alphabet and pair them with different images. You can even help your little one sound out the letters as they go. Download these free ABC activity PDFs so that your child can start putting their skills into practice. 

Alphabet Book PrintableDownload the free alphabet printable


5. Get In The Holiday Spirit With Our ABC Holiday Chant 

There’s an alphabet learning activity for every time of the year! Make the holidays even more special by giving our alphabet song a festive spin with our ABC Holiday Chant. We have a feeling that your family will want to sing and dance along to this tune all year round. 



Share Your Art With Us!

Did you sing, color, or paint any of these cool activities? Then tag us and share them with us on our social media channels!

With Lingokids, your kids will have a blast learning their ABCs and so much more! So what are you waiting for? Download the Lingokids app to kick-start their playlearning™ journey today.


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