Fun games to teach kids personal hygiene

Kids should be taught about personal hygiene at their youngest age? There is a Czech proverb that says: ”Cleanliness is half your health”. Well, let’s raise children that are healthy and bilingual too!

Bathroom vocabulary:

Towel - Bathroom vocabularyTowel

Toothbrush - Bathroom vocabularyToothbrush

Sponge - Bathroom vocabularySponge

Soap - Bathroom vocabularySoap

Hair Dryer - Bathroom vocabularyHair dryer

Hair Brush - Bathroom vocabularyHairbrush

Activities to learn Personal Hygiene vocabulary:

1. Songs – There are many fun English songs for kids about this topic. ”Brush my teeth” is our personal favorite – it’s educational and fun and it will motivate your little ones to build a healthy routine.

2. Glitter hands – Sure, kids wash their hands but mostly they just rinse their hands under the water. ”Glitter hands” is the perfect activity to engage in an English conversation with kids. Teach them about how germs stay on your hands if you don’t wash them well (do it in English). Pour some glitter on their hands, take the soap and show them how to wash their hands well (have in mind that it will take about 30 seconds to scrub the glitter off their hands).

3. Hygiene charade – Think of an action for hygiene such as ”taking a shower”, ”brushing my teeth” or ”brushing my hair”. Act them out for your kids and have them guess what’s the action. Change roles after they have taken a guess. To learn more vocabulary (a toothbrush, a soap, etc.), after they have taken a guess, ask them ”What do you brush your teeth with?” or ”What do you wash your hands with?”. You will have a lot of fun!

4. Hygiene puzzles – Cut pieces of paper in little square shapes and have one group that has activities written on them (washing hands, brushing teeth…) and on the other pieces write down the items you need in order to do those actions (a soap, a toothbrush…). Draw pictures on them to make it easier and clearer and have your little one match the object to the action.

5. Educational apps – In Lingokids, the English learning app for kids, there is an entire topic full of activities (games and songs) for your child to learn all the vocabulary about hygiene in English.

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