#WorldBookDay: How Audiobooks -also- Improve Children’s Development

With the World Book Day celebrations during April, here at Lingokids, we want to spread the word on how also audiobooks for kids help them improve reading, pronunciation… and much more!


Audiobooks For Kids Facts

Did you know that the British charity, the National Literacy Trust, has found that listening to audiobooks develops the same cognitive skills as reading a book? Children are used to being shown things visually, so audiobooks require using different skills, which is very useful when trying to improve children’s ability to learn and concentrate!

Additionally, audiobooks have been proven to be a learning tool for improving your child’s concentration and listening comprehension skills, whilst also expanding their vocabulary!

However, audiobooks for kids are not just basic, boring sentences read aloud by a disembodied voice! They also come with colorful, visual cues, which are vital to ensure that children remain engaged and entertained throughout the audiobook allowing them to follow along with the story ensures that they remain absorbed, and the colorful illustrations can be a helpful prompt.

This also enables children to use an array of different learning styles, offering opportunities to learn by seeing, by hearing, and by doing, the perfect way to retain new information.

Of course, there are ways of using audiobooks to maximize their learning potential.

The best way to use the audiobooks is probably to allow your kids to set their own pace as they read along, making use of the pictures, text, and the audio and allowing them to repeat the stories as much as they need!



Advantages for kids to listen to audiobooks

Each audiobook has Learning Objectives, ensuring that your child can become familiar with idiomatic phrases, specialized vocabulary, and different tenses. Audiobooks can also be especially helpful with children becoming familiar with more advanced sentence structures.

Among the main advantages of listening to audiobooks, we highlight the clear improvement of:

  1. Listening comprehension
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Fluency
  4. Creativity
  5. Concentration
  6. Imagination
  7. Familiarity with English

Audiobooks for kids also make use of a number of different language techniques, designed to help your children improve their development.

Using rhyme and repetition, children are able to learn and remember masses of new information in an easy, entertaining way.

The audiobooks are also a great conversation starter for you and your children, and you can get them talking using the different, specialized vocabulary they have learned in the audiobook! This is a great way to get them thinking about what they have just listened to and to put into practice what they have learned, consolidating the knowledge in their mind.

The Lingokids Audiobooks Universe

benefits of audiobooks for kids


On our website, you will find the Lingokids audiobooks, each carefully designed to help your child develop their English skills. As they listen along to the native English speaker, your child can slowly start to become familiar with the rhythm of the English language and its everyday speed.

We wanted to give children the confidence of listening and understanding English, providing them with the perfect base to attempt more complicated reading exercises and conversations.

We focus to make it as easy as possible with colorful drawings and written text, helping your child read along as they listen. Being able to see the words written down and the action of the pictures means that the children can make connections between the words they see and the words they hear.

The carefully constructed stories are appealing and colorfully designed, ensuring that your child will remain concentrated and entertained throughout the activity. The stories are short and concise, ensuring maximum focus and the use of rhyme and repetition is a fun feature, making the language playful, enjoyable, and less intimidating for children, helping the different words be easier to recognize and remember.


Lingokids Recommends: Our favorite audiobooks!

There are so many great audiobooks out there to try, so we have picked some of our favorites from our Lingokids audiobooks collection! For ease, we have organized them by age.

Best audiobooks for 2 to 4 year olds

  • Have you seen my motherHelp Baby Bird find his mother, watch out for the snake!
  • How do I feelLearn the words for the different emotions in English with Cowy.
  • It’s time for a bathBathtime with Elliot! Find out all about his bath time routine and learn the words as you go along.

Best audiobooks for 5 to 6 years olds

  • Five Little DinosaursMeet lots of little dinosaurs, and find out what happens to them all!
  • Snowy SnackGet inspired by Cowy’s and Bobby’s snack making abilities whilst they’re stuck indoors.
  • Dancing ElvesEnter a fantasy world with magical dancing fairies, mermaids, witches, and princesses.

Best audiobooks for 7+ years olds


Inspired by our list? Then head on over to our audiobooks section and find our array of audiobooks, complete with read-along texts and colorful illustrations. Find out what Cowy, Bobby and the others have all been up to and join in the fun.

Happy playlearning™ with Lingokids!

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