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Prepositions: behind – on – by

When talking about location, we use prepositions of place like: behind, on or by. Let's play hide and seek in the forest with Teacher Meredith and practice prepositions!

Why is it important to learn about preposition words? In English grammar, prepositions tell us the relationship between a noun and another word in the sentence. So what is a preposition? Some preposition examples are “below,” “under,” or “by.” These are called prepositions of place because they tell us the location of something. Does your child use prepositions in English? Although the use of preposition words typically indicates that someone has an advanced grasp of a language, even young kids can be introduced to this English grammar concept. Games and activities can make learning fun and natural.

In this video, Teacher Meredith plays a game of hide and seek with Lisa and Cowy. First, she looks for Cowy. Is she behind the log? No! She’s on the mountain! Next, it’s time to search for Lisa. Is she by the flowers? No! She’s behind the tree! Help your child repeat the prepositional phrase that Teacher Meredith uses to find each of her friends. Then, ask your little ones to make sentences of their own! You can even play hide and seek, too! After your child hides, ask if he or she is behind the sofa or by the table.

You can help your kids improve their grammar through more games and activities! Have your children draw their favorite place in the world. After they are finished, use prepositions to talk about where items and people in the picture are located. English can seem natural and important to kids when they see how it can be a part of their daily lives. Ok! Let’s play hide and seek with Teacher Meredith and learn about prepositions!

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