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Toys names

Learning toys names can enhance children's playtime activities and widen their vocabulary. Here you'll find information, activities and games to help your kids with this fun subject.

It’s not rocket science – kids love toys! They can practically make a toy out of every object they find. From an early age, kids start to learn toys names as they begin to play and let their imaginations roam free.

As it turns, toys are more than mere entertainment for kids. They can help children practice different skills that are critical to childhood development, such as coordination, motor skills, and shape recognition. Most importantly, toys can spark a child’s imagination.

The use of imaginative playtime can improve a child’s development. Kids toys are a great way to engage your child’s imagination, as they allow children to create stories, engage in role-play and learn basic concepts about the world around them.

Parents can also use toys as teaching aids to introduce new vocabulary like common toys names in a natural way. Furthermore, as kids get older, new toys can help them understand concepts related to math, the alphabet, or science while they play.

Here you’ll find the names of kids toys that are very popular and recommended to use during their leisure time.

Kids toys: List of names

Bicycle - Kids toys


Train - Kids toys


Doll - Kids toys


Ball - Kids toys


Teddy Bear - Kids toys

teddy bear

Kite - Kids toys


Duck - Kids toys

rubber ducky

Aeroplane - Kids toys


Crayons - School vocabulary


Little horse - Kids toys

rocking horse

Car - Kids Toys


Drums - Music



Toys Vocabulary Cards

Flashcards: Toys


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Pyramid Game

Our friends’ toys are stuck at the top of the pyramid! Can your little ones help get the right toys down?

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