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Bananas Numbers Song

Counting objects helps children to develop math skills from a young age. Let's learn how to count in English with this fun song and Teacher Meredith!

About the Song

Two, four, six, eight, ten! Lingokids is back again! And this time, we’re here to learn numbers in English!

From a young age, children start to develop math awareness through counting objects around them and identifying numbers. With the ability to understand the meaning behind a number, children can begin to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Learning to count is the foundation of your child’s mathematical skills. How about counting in English? Doing so, can improve a child’s language and math skills at the same time! Learning numbers can be fun and interactive, too!

Watch the video to hear Teacher Meredith’s song! It looks like a banana is falling down…See what happens next! Encourage your child to sing along with Teacher Meredith. If your kids know more numbers, help them add a verse to Teacher Meredith’s song. Then they’ll have a number song of their own. Practice the song several times. Does your child know other fruits? Sing the song with different fruits.

At home, show your child how numbers apply to everyday life. Ask him or her to count how many people live in the house. Help them count the number of apples in the kitchen. How about the number of cars they see drive by? You can even count the number of English words your child knows! Stick with us at Lingokids and this number will get bigger. Watch the video and learn to count with Teacher Meredith!

Banana Numbers Song Lyrics:

One, two, three bananas
Four, five, six bananas
Seven eight, nine bananas,
Ten bananas fall down!

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