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Family Members

Learning the family members help kids lead a healthier life. Here you'll find tips and activities to help your kids learn about family members!

The first role models children have come from close family members. This is why the family has an important role in the children’s future. Family relationships not only shape their view of the world and their surroundings but also give kids the necessary tools to successfully sail through life.

Often, the little ones begin the learning process by copying gestures from mom and dad, brothers and sisters, or by playing during the summer break, or during holidays with their cousins and extended family. These family activities help children develop bonds with their close ones which are key to having a healthy social life later on.

Children feel like they belong to something greater when they can identify with their family members. So, by learning about people related to them they can feel part of something while growing up. It’s great for the little ones to know their families roots through their grandparents’ stories, or how big is their family tree as they figure out how many aunts, uncles, and cousins they have.

As they grow up, learning the family member’s names and relationships don’t only help the little ones with their own family relationships, but also to create healthier connections with teachers, friends, and other people in their lives.



Family Members Names

Mother - Family Vocabulary


Father - Family Vocabulary


Daughter - Family Vocabulary


Son - Family Vocabulary


Bebé - Family Vocabulary


















Family Relationship Names

The family tree shows how each family member is distributed within the family framework. In this image, we visualize the different kinship in English of each member.

Does your little one know who is who in your family? Let’s go!


family tree - english for kids - lingokids

parents / children / sister

brother / siblings / grandparents

great-grandparents / husband / wife

daughter / son



Family Songs for Kids

Family Finger Song

This catchy song helps our little ones learn about family members in a fun way. Don’t miss it!


Family Relationship Names Song

Let’s sing with Cowy this “Family Members’ Song”. Who’s that? It’s my mum!




Family Members Printable Flashcards

Flashcards: Family Members

Playlearn with Lingokids!

In the Lingokids app, your little ones will learn the names of family members in English, the fun way! Here’s a sneak peek at one of our exciting games:

Cowy’s Family Game

Cowy wants you to meet her family! Can your little ones introduce themselves to the right family member?

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