Top 6 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

As February 14th approaches, love is in the air—and so is learning! Observing Valentine’s Day can be an amazing experience for children, helping them to appreciate love in all its forms. If you’re wondering how to celebrate this year, we’ve got some ideas of Valentine’s crafts for kids!

Valentine’s Day crafts are not only a fun activity, but also a great educational opportunity. Hands-on learning helps to spark children’s interest and keep them engaged. Without even realizing it, they can gain valuable lessons and knowledge. What’s more, their efforts will yield a tangible result: a beautiful handmade piece of art!


??Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are easy to prepare, fun to create, and suitable for different age groups. You can easily adjust them to your child’s skills and needs, and put your own creative twist on these basic ideas!


Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentines day crafts for kids


There’s a reason that cardmaking is such a classic holiday activity. Valentine’s Day cards for kids are a simple and customizable craft that can be adapted to all ages and interests. All you need to have on hand is colorful paper, pens, or markers, and ideally some fun accessories like glitter or stickers.

Let each child decorate their cards however they want, and have them write personal messages inside. This is a wonderful way to combine creativity with practice in spelling and penmanship.


Thumbprint Heart Art

Valentines day crafts for kids


Who doesn’t love finger painting? It’s easy to turn this simple activity into a Valentine’s Day activity for kids. Gather a few different colors of paint and some quality cardstock, and cut out some paper hearts to use as stencils (or show your child how to do it).

Place the paper hearts on the cardstock, and let your child paint around it. Make sure they cover all the edges of the stencil, so that when they remove it they’re left with a perfect heart-shaped outline. This technique can be used on all kinds of Valentine’s Day crafts for kids.

Source: A Thrifty Mom


Valentine’s Day Crowns

Valentines day crafts for kids


There’s nothing like a piece of art you can wear! Turn a few sheets of paper into a fun and festive crown, to help children get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. First, have them cut a long strip of paper that’s wide enough to make room for plenty of decorations.

Let your child add all their personal touches before forming it into a crown. They can use glitter and accessories, write their name or other messages, and use pipe cleaners and paper hearts to create cute antennae! When they’re done, fit the crown around your child’s head and help them fasten it with tape or glue.

Source: Events To Celebrate

Fuzzy Love Bugs

These adorable little creatures make great Valentine’s Day gifts for kids! Your child can make a whole bunch of them to hand out to friends and classmates. It’s easy, unique, and only requires four items: pom-poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and foam hearts.

To assemble the love bugs, use a foam heart for the feet and a pom-pom for the body. Attach googly eyes and two pieces of pipe cleaner for antennae, and a folded heart for wings. A hot glue gun is the best option, but if you’re not comfortable with your child using one, regular glue will also work.

Source: Inspiring Savings


Valentine’s Day Mailboxes and Letters

Valentines day crafts for kids


If your child is celebrating Valentine’s Day at school, they might be exchanging cards with their classmates. You can help them create a personalized mailbox to collect their cards. Use a recycled cardboard box, and provide materials for them to decorate it—just make sure they include their name!

Exchanging Valentine’s Day letters is also a great party activity, and gives children a chance to practice their writing skills. Have them write a personal note to each person, explaining what they love about them. This is a great way for kids to learn how to express themselves on paper.


Heart-Shaped Cookies

Valentines day crafts for kids


We all know that the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are edible. But instead of ripping into a bag of chocolates, help children learn how to bake and decorate their own cookies! This is a great exercise in reading recipes and following directions, with a delicious result.

Children will love using a cookie cutter to create heart shapes, and decorating the finished product with colorful icing and candies. Use conversation hearts to help them practice their reading, or have them spell out messages with sprinkles.


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