If we’re thankful for anything this year…


If we’re thankful for anything this year… It’s our kids.

As we approach the end of 2020, we’re looking back at all the things we learned this year. Here’s what stands out the most: our kids amazed us at every twist and turn. Despite the quarantines, lockdowns, curfews, school closures and travel restrictions, they’ve been the superheroes of 2020.

That’s not to say they didn’t cry once in awhile. But what matters is that they got through every tough moment. And they did it by playing. Our kids adapted to these strange, new circumstances faster than we did. They turned monotony into adventure. They kept things light when we felt scared. In their joy and playfulness, they kept us calm and gave us hope. And for this, we are thankful. 

We’re happy and humbled to be able to help families through tough times this year. Seeing new Lingofamilies from around the world join the adventure of playlearning™ served as a constant reminder of why we get up and do this everyday. 

Our little ones saved us big time this year, so we made this tribute to celebrate them. 

Here’s to the big ones of 2020!


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