Tips to Teach English to Kids with Songs!

kids learn english with songs

One way to make English learning fun for kids is to introduce English through different media. Song is an excellent way for kids (as well as adults!) to learn common phrases, grammatical structures, and vocabulary without even realizing it!

Tips to help your child sing in English and learn:

To help you in your language learning adventure, we’ve compiled some tips

Keep it fun: If you are just beginning to listen to music in English, introduce it casually, without pressuring your children to pay attention or sing along. Choose fun, silly songs that your children will engage with naturally. In Lingokids app, you can find over 100 songs to get you started!

Singing in the car: Car rides are one of the best times to listen to English music. Sing “Wheels on the Bus” as you drive around town. Is it raining? Sing “Cowy’s Rainbow Colors Song“ and search for rainbows while learning the colors.

Watch sing alongs with lyrics: Rent sing-along DVDs featuring songs from your family’s favorite movies. Even if your child cannot yet read, children still absorb the printed words and build a meaningful foundation for literacy. Subscribe to our Lingokids Youtube Channel to find playlists and extended song compilations from Lingokids with lyrics!

Incorporate songs into daily routines: Sing songs around the house as you get dressed, brush your teeth, clean up toys, or prepare meals in the kitchen. The “Clean-Up Song” is an all-time favorite to encourage tidying up while having fun!

Get creative: Especially when you first start singing English, you will make mistakes. Use that to your advantage! If you confuse lyrics or song meanings, go ahead and create your own special renditions just for your family. Most importantly have fun!

Songs to learn English with Lingokids:

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