Keep up Your Daily Routine with Lingokids!

At Lingokids, we know how helpful having a daily routine can be! It will make sure things feel normal when kids can’t be at school and also helps to create a calm environment, by bringing stability and security.

It will also help you and your children to focus, with time allotted to different activities which will make sure they get done, and hopefully, instill good practice for later in life! And, like many things, a daily routine is much better with music!

We have gone through our Lingokids Youtube channel and found some of our best songs to help structure your day. So go on, have a listen, and find our special soundtrack for your daily routine.


Good morning! Wake up feeling ready and refreshed for another day. Get ready for your day by heading to the bathroom, listening to our “Bathroom routine” song, and enjoy a little jig to get your day moving.

We also have a fun new “Bathroom game” where you can learn all the vocabulary for getting ready, check out the teaser:




Take advantage of the morning alertness and use this time to do a bit of playlearning™ with Lingokids. We recommend taking a topic each day and focusing on that category. This is easy with our Youtube playlists, why not start with learning the different colors in English?.





Hungry after all that concentration? Well, good thing it’s lunchtime! Cook something delicious all together. Why not also use lunch as a little learning opportunity and learn your vowels by listening to the Apple and Bananas Song. Also a hint for something to include in your lunch!





The ‘Post-Lunch slump’ is real, and the best way to get out of it is to have a little boogie around your house. Put on Rockstar Baby, jump around and get the energy back into your body!





Arts and crafts are so important for kids, helping to develop motor skills and also their sense of creativity, enabling them to become more thoughtful and considerate. For an easy and quick craft have a watch of our How to draw a butterfly video, and make a beautiful picture, which you can then color in with lots of colors!





For a bit of a wind-down, enjoy watching some of our videos for a relaxed way to pass the time. Start with The Robot Contest and enjoy watching what your favorite characters have been up to!





Ooh! Dinner time already! Well, there is only one song for it, our Burger Recipe Song. Enjoy cooking with your kids and Lisa, as she teaches you how to make delicious hamburgers.


Well, there you go! Here is your daily routine with a special Lingokids soundtrack. Let us know on our social media channels how you have found your day!

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