best-movies-to-watch-with-kids-at-home-1 Tips for parents

Lingokids Recommends: Best Films to Watch with Kids at Home!

One of the best ways to while away the hours at home is to watch some excellent movies with kids!

how-to-explain-coronavirus-to-kids-1 Tips for parents

How To Explain Coronavirus To Kids: 5 Common Questions

Keep your kids in the loop! Let us help you explain to them what coronavirus is and how they can keep safe!

Lingokids-survival-kit-1 Tips for parents

Closed Schools? Lingokids Is Here To Help!

We came up with our Lingokids weekly plan, printable activities to make at home and a few more tips for homeschoolers! Let’s playlearn™ at home!

KEEP READING Tips for parents

Kids At Home Because of School Closures? Educational Apps: the Best Option for Learning at Home!

School closures have forced children to stay at home. Educational apps are becoming the best allies for learning and having fun at the same time!

Rakuten-TV-and-Lingokids-1 Inside LingokidsNew FeaturesPartners

Lingokids & Rakuten Join Forces: Find Our Fun Content on Rakuten TV!

We are very proud to announce our partnership with Rakuten TV, one of the leading video-on-demand platforms in Europe!

lingokids_horizon2020-1 Inside LingokidsNew Features

Horizon 2020 & Lingokids: Welcome To The Future Of Playlearning™ In English!

The European Union’s Horizon 2020 program believes Lingokids is one of the coolest, best apps for children and has decided to support our project with €1.2 million! 

Valentines-day-crafts-kids-1 Tips for parents

Top 6 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Observing Valentine’s Day can be an amazing experience for children, helping them to appreciate love in all its forms. If you’re wondering how to celebrate this year, we’ve got some ideas of Valentine’s crafts for kids

safery-internet-for-kids-1 Tips for parents

Parents and Internet Safety for Kids: A Lingokids Study

In an era driven by screen time, internet safety for kids is becoming increasingly important, especially on a day like Safer Internet Day!

RA6VIB9 Tips for parents

Pizza Day: 6 Recipes for Making Pizza with Kids ?

It’s time to celebrate National Pizza Day! Making food with our little ones can be one of the best ways to create funny, memorable family moments—especially when that food is delicious pizza.

indoor-games Games for kids

Indoor Activities for Kids: Games to Play at Home

It’s a “stay at home” kind of day. Maybe the weather isn’t on your side, or the little one isn’t feeling well. Whether it’s the …


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