back to school Tips for parents

Back to School: How to Make it Less Painful

September is just around the corner and the days are starting to get shorter again as the sunset gets earlier and earlier. These are the …

free-online-summer-camp-activities-week-1_1 New FeaturesTips for parents

Cocka-Doodle-Doo: Who’s Ready for Week One of LingoCamp?

We’re so excited to welcome everyone to our online summer camp and we’re sure you all feel the same. Read on for a preview of what’s to come this week at LingoCamp! ??

impact-of-covid-on-education-1 Tips for parents

Impact Of Covid-19 On Education: Parents Are Using Learning Apps To Complement Their Kids’ Traditional Education??

Check out parents’ thoughts on education after experiencing online learning during coronavirus!

free-online-summer-camp-LingoCamp_1 Games for kidsNew Features

How To Make The Most Out Of Our Online Summer Camp: LINGOCAMP! ???

With limited opportunities for summer camps and travel, it can be difficult to find things to look forward to this summer. That’s why we at Lingokids wanted to find a way to make this summer special! Introducing… Lingocamp!?

benefits-of-music-for-kids_1 Tips for parents

Benefits Of Music In Early Childhood For Learning New Languages ?

Music is everywhere! Check out this article and find out how our music can help your kids develop. Happy playlearning™! ? ?

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Lingokids’ Social Impact: Thanks To All Our Amazing Partners!

At Lingokids are very committed to the social responsibility that we feel towards families all over the world!

lgbt-parenting-influencers-1 Tips for parents

???? LGBT+ Parenting: We love all our Lingokids families!

Lingokids loves all families, for Pride, check out our list of inspirational LGBT+ family influencers ?

girl-dancing-trimmed Tips for parents

Dance With Lingokids: Time to Boogie With Your Toddler!

If you’re looking for toddler activities , crank up some awesome Lingokids songs and have a dance! To help get you started, we took a look through our playlists to share our top ten Lingokids songs with you. ??

online-family-fun Games for kidsInspirationTips for parents

5 Fun Ideas To Spend Time With Your Kids Using The Internet!

In honor of International Internet Day and International Family Day, we’re going to share how you can use the internet to spend time with your kids while having fun and playlearning™!

aerobics - names of sports - english for kids - lingokids New Features

Keep Active With Our Brand New Lingokids Fitness Chant!

It’s time for our new Lingokids Fitness Chant… Don’t Stop Baby Bot! Try out a family workout at home today with our catchy new tune.?


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